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Frequently Asked Questions

Find frequently asked questions about Seabourn and its cruise ships at Seabourn.com.  

Latest News


2024 World Voyage: Extraordinary Horizons

Journey to five continents from Los Angeles to Athens on board Seabourn Sojourn. Explore 72 fascinating ports in 28 countries. Enjoy more time ashore with 20 overnight stays in fascinating cities including Cairns, Manila, Busan, Shanghai, Colombo, the Maldives, Safaga and more. [Read Brochure: 2024 World Voyage: Extraordinary Horizons]

2023 Northern Europe, Iceland & Greenland

Choose from 30 hand-tailored 7- to 28-day itineraries on board Seabourn Quest or Seabourn Ovation, exploring the Baltic, British Isles, Norwegian fjords, North Cape and more. Most sailings depart from London (Dover and Tilbury), Stockholm or Copenhagen providing ease of access, with overnight stays including iconic St. Petersburg, Hamburg and Paris. Four immersive voyages will be joined by our world-class Expedition Team guiding Ventures by Seabourn® excursions for up-close exploration. [Read Brochure: 2023 Northern Europe, Iceland & Greenland]

2023 Alaska & British Columbia, Pacific Coast, Canada & New England

Awaken your inner explorer, where history and nature meet. Our 2023 season includes 25 hand-crafted voyages departing conveniently from Vancouver, Juneau, Montreal and New York. Experience nature at its finest with Seabourn and feel the difference between being simply catered to and being truly cared for. [Read Brochure: 2023 Alaska & British Columbia, Pacific Coast, Canada & New England]

2021 Summer Caribbean Voyages

The wait is over. Join us on board Seabourn Odyssey this summer with new 7-day itineraries sailing round-trip Barbados. Or treat yourself to the ultimate Caribbean vacation experience and combine sailings for a 14-day combination voyage. From sparkling blue waters to white sand beaches, paradise awaits. [Read Brochure: 2021 Summer Caribbean]

2021 Summer Greek Isles

Treat yourself to the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean, ancient harbors and sun-swept cliffside villages on board Seabourn Ovation. Sail round-trip Athens on 7- or 14-day voyages and feel the difference between being simply catered to and being truly cared for. [Read Brochure: 2021 Summer Greek Isles]

2022-2023 Asia, Arabia & India, Australia & New Zealand

Traverse the world exploring six continents from Miami to Barcelona. Take an in-depth journey visiting over 30 different islands in the South Pacific and Hawaii. Or circumnavigate South America and south to explore Antarctica & South Georgia. [Read Brochure: 2022-2023 Asia, Arabia & India, Australia & New Zealand]
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